Dear Doctor

Dear Doctor,

I am Gina. I was born in Davenport, Iowa to my parents, Charles and Denise Gregoire. I am lucky to be alive. I was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck. I have 8 sisters and 3 brothers. I have over 30 nieces and nephews. I married the love of my life. I have my undergraduate and master’s degree from Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa. I work as a probation/parole officer in Anamosa, Iowa. I have a strong faith in God. I am human.

Listen to me. I suffer from hip pain. My long, beautiful, brown hair started breaking off. I bruise easily. I am gaining weight, despite eating healthy and working out. I started getting these weird stretch marks. Please help me.

Dear doctor, no I have not always had high blood pressure. My face has not always been this fat, round and puffy. I have not always had that extra fat on the back of my neck. I have never been depressed. I have never been this anxious.

You say my cortisol levels are high. Cushing’s disease? What is that? Tumor? Where? Rare…rare…rare…

Please help me,
One of the rare ones
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