For my fellow Cushie’s

These are some websites that I have found helpful while suffering from Cushing’s. We all know it is a daily struggle to make it through the day, as well as stay positive. Here are some of my outlets. I hope they can help you too!!

Operation Beautiful

Just to know you ARE beautiful!! Great concept!! You can spread the joy yourself! Join the movement!

Becoming Minimalist

Great way to scale back because we all know life feels hectic as a Cushie. Focus on what’s important. Eliminate the rest.

Healthy Is The New Skinny

Transforming the way society thinks about being healthy versus being skinny. Something WE can definitely try to focus on. Focus on what we can control at least. No one understands more than us the importance of health over being “skinny”.

No Secrets Attached

Good friend of mine. Her motto is “love the skin you’re in”. So inspirational!!! Check out her Facebook page!

Spoon Shortage

If you haven’t heard of the “spoon theory”, you have to check this out! For people suffering from chronic illness, this is a great blog, and she has great graphic postings everyday on her Facebook page. I guarantee all of you Cushie’s will relate!! Spoons will have a whole new meaning!!

STAY STRONG, ya’ll!! Remember, you are not alone! Zebra warriors!!



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