The Spoon Theory

For some time now, I have been trying to find a way to explain to people how I am feeling on a daily basis. Life just seems so overwhelming. It is literally a struggle to make it through the day. I am constantly “strategizing my day” like the girl in the article below will explain of her experience too. At first I just thought I was overwhelmed from moving back home and being around more people I know, etc. Now I look back and realize it may have been more. I keep saying I wish I could add a 25th hour to the day.


I came across this girl’s article: (

and, it explains perfectly how I feel on a daily basis. I couldn’t make it through reading this without being in tears because she “get’s it”. That is another difficult part of all of this in general. It is soooo hard to explain to people how you are feeling when they haven’t gone through it themselves. In a Facebook support group I belong to, one person posted:

“Why is it that I feel more comfortable telling people I have never met, that I am having a crappy day, that I want to cry, and crawl back into bed, but don’t know why”

My response:

“OMG… I WAS JUST GETTING READY TO MAKE A POST LIKE THIS!! EXACTLY why what you said it true… we all get it. It is so hard to explain it to people not experiencing it. It is lonely being a world where you feel closer to complete strangers because they understand how you feel more than those in your real life. But THANK GOD FOR ALL OF YOU!”

It’s not that my loved ones don’t care, but I just feel like I am living in a world where I am all alone because no one can feel what I feel or understand what a daily struggle it is just do to basic everyday tasks. When your mind is running 100 miles a minute because your brain still wants to do everything you are used to but your body won’t keep up. It’s a constant struggle, it frustrating and stressful.

And so I leave you with a few thoughts that go through my head daily:


Thanks for listening. Thanks for praying. Thanks for caring.


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