Lifes Purpose

With everything going on in the past few months, it is safe to say that life is a little hectic these days. On the run constantly, the “next thing” to do is always running through my head, and it feels like life is flashing before my eyes at a million miles per minute. It has had me thinking about what is truly important in life. What is life’s purpose?

Do you feel this way?  "The Best Things In Life Aren't Things", a meaningful quote from Art Buchwald adorns this reclaimed tabacco lath sign.  #homedecor  #giftsforher


With that being said, my best friend put it well the other day with a reminder that we need to slow down and pay attention. We need to pay attention to small things in life. The non-material things. How does the saying go? The best things in life aren’t things. The things that truly matter are family and friends. Those that we love. Cherishing the moments that we have with those people because we never know which moment might be the last. Unfortunately some of us learn that the hard way. When it is too late. So let us all take a chance to “slow down” and look around…are you surrounding yourself with the things that matter in life? The people that matter, and are you taking the opportunity to spend quality time with those people and truly cherish the memories you are making?

I am truly blessed... I have the most amazing family and friends a person can ask for!



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