PAO Surgery Update

I had a good follow-up appointment with my doctor at the UIHC last Friday. He said the bone is continuing to heal well. Now I do not go back for another three months. By that time, I should be able to tell whether the surgery was successful or not. The healing time for this surgery is approximately 6 months and that appointment will be my 6 month mark. At that time, hopefully all of my healing symptoms will be gone, so I can gauge whether or not the surgery worked. Fingers crossed! As of right now, I have good days and bad, but overall I am feeling pretty good about choosing to do the surgery and hoping for the best!

Be positive


Water therapy continues to go well, and I am trying to continue to progress with the exercise bike as my body permits. For instance, today I started my day on the exercise bike and now my muscles are very tight. All of my pelvic region muscles have felt like they are burning or “on fire” for about the past week. One of my friends that also underwent PAO surgery consulted with her doctor about the “burning” sensation that we both have been experiencing, and he told her that it was her “skin turning on”. I asked what that meant, and apparently it derives from the nerves. I am hoping this will go away after the healing process is complete. To be frank, it is quite annoying. My quad also continues to be weak and still has a loss of sensation. It feels odd to have people touch my quad because it is dull to touch. It is like I can feel it but it is a “fake” touch. Just another annoyance, but hopefully one that I will work through! I will continue with updates as I progress through my healing process.



Thanks again for all of the thoughts and prayers that are helping to get me through this. They are greatly appreciated.

Be positive every day. And buy one of these little turtles because how stinkin cute is that!



PAO Surgery update

A little update from my PAO surgery. Everything seems to continue to go well with the healing process. I still get sore and tired, but that is expected. I am in physical therapy now and keeping up with those exercises, as well as doing water therapy, and I have been able to resume the exercise bike. This makes me feel so much better! I have also been able to drive myself again! What a sense of freedom! I am back to work now. I am permitted to use half days as needed, but so far, I have felt good enough to put in full work days, so I will resume that as my body permits. Overall, I just feel great about everything, and I am happy that I did the surgery.

Other news and updates? We are still trying to get settled in the farm house. GAH! Never ending! Obviously I am not up to par when it comes to being able to unpack and complete remodeling and renovation projects, and Sean is very busy with work, coaching baseball, and other activities. I have basically “given it up to God” that everything will get done in time, and we are just counting our blessing that we have a roof over our heads. That’s all you can ask for, right? So, if you come to our house and wonder why there are no doors on our cabinets, paint is needed in some rooms, no blinds and boxes everywhere still, don’t be surprised or caught off guard!! 🙂


My co-worker took this picture, and I thought it was so funny that I had to share! Hope you enjoy too 🙂 HAPPY HUMP DAY!!