PAO Surgery: 8 weeks post-op

This is my 8-week post-op PAO surgery update. This will be my last official post, but I will post randomly with updates. As I go back to work next Monday, posting updates consistently won’t be as easy, so I will just post as needed with new transpires, set-backs, progression, etc. My appointment last Friday went well. I was authorized to go weight bearing and walked (or more like waddled out of the doctor’s office). My husband, Sean, thought it would be funny to take video of it. He wanted to post it to Facebook. I told him no! lol. I have been able to walk on both legs and drive!! What a sense of freedom. I am still experiencing some symptoms on my left side, but I hope they subside now that I am weight bearing on my right side. I elected to start physical therapy as there is a lot of muscle weakness, especially in my quad area. I did physical therapy pre-op and it was so helpful. Since we moved, I have to start with a new physical therapist, so I am a bit nervous because I have had good and bad physical therapists. I have heard good things about the physical therapist I am using, and I am excited because their clinic has access to a pool, so I am hoping to do some hydrotherapy.



My boredom was relieved after weight bearing because I can do much more, and we moved over the weekend! Talk about exhausting! I would have been exhausted in a “normal” state, let alone being in recovery mode still. I didn’t sit for more than about 5 minutes here and there from 9am to about 9pm on moving day. I was actually surprised how well I made it through, considering how exhausted I was getting before when I wasn’t weight bearing. Apparently having that extra leg makes a huge difference. Who knew?!

So now life and continued healing go on, and I seem to be headed in the right direction. Thank you so much for all of the kind thoughts, gestures, prayers, cards, etc. It was so greatly appreciated!!


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