PAO Surgery: 6 weeks post-op

This is my 6 week post-op PAO surgery update. I have developed some symptoms in my left pelvic region muscles. I am hoping it is just compensation due to no weight bearing on my right side, leaving all of my weight to bear on my left side. However, I can’t help but have that little thought in the back of my head that all of the stress will activate long-term complications with my left side because I do have hip dysplasia on both sides. Like I said, I hoping it is just compensation and everything will go back to normal after there is less stress on my left side. Other than that, I think the recovery process is still going pretty normal as far as bone healing, and muscle and nerve repair. I only have 1 ½ more weeks until my next post-op follow-up appointment when I can find out whether I can go weight bearing on my right side. I am counting down the days!



I did get a massage last Friday, and it felt amazing! I have had massages before, but I can tell you now there is a difference between when you need one and getting a massage “just because”. I NEEDED that massage.

It has been a busy, busy week. We made a big move out of our old house and onto a semi-trailer where our stuff is being stored until we can move it into my parent’s farm house we are renting. There is some work that needs to be done until we can move into that house, so for now we are staying with my parents. It is bad timing for the need to move and remodel and renovate. I am not much help in either of those departments.

It has been hard sitting back and letting everyone else resume my responsibilities while moving and remodeling and renovating the farm house for us to move in. I am a “doer” not a “watcher” or “teller”. I just want to “do” everything myself and not have to direct my responsibility to others. My second mama posted this great quote on Facebook the other day. It was perfect and just what I needed to hear and see. I keep telling saying that her and God teamed up to send me this sign. I definitely need to remind myself to practice patience right now.




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