PAO Surgery: 8 weeks post-op

This is my 8-week post-op PAO surgery update. This will be my last official post, but I will post randomly with updates. As I go back to work next Monday, posting updates consistently won’t be as easy, so I will just post as needed with new transpires, set-backs, progression, etc. My appointment last Friday went well. I was authorized to go weight bearing and walked (or more like waddled out of the doctor’s office). My husband, Sean, thought it would be funny to take video of it. He wanted to post it to Facebook. I told him no! lol. I have been able to walk on both legs and drive!! What a sense of freedom. I am still experiencing some symptoms on my left side, but I hope they subside now that I am weight bearing on my right side. I elected to start physical therapy as there is a lot of muscle weakness, especially in my quad area. I did physical therapy pre-op and it was so helpful. Since we moved, I have to start with a new physical therapist, so I am a bit nervous because I have had good and bad physical therapists. I have heard good things about the physical therapist I am using, and I am excited because their clinic has access to a pool, so I am hoping to do some hydrotherapy.



My boredom was relieved after weight bearing because I can do much more, and we moved over the weekend! Talk about exhausting! I would have been exhausted in a “normal” state, let alone being in recovery mode still. I didn’t sit for more than about 5 minutes here and there from 9am to about 9pm on moving day. I was actually surprised how well I made it through, considering how exhausted I was getting before when I wasn’t weight bearing. Apparently having that extra leg makes a huge difference. Who knew?!

So now life and continued healing go on, and I seem to be headed in the right direction. Thank you so much for all of the kind thoughts, gestures, prayers, cards, etc. It was so greatly appreciated!!


Realization that we are completely DEBT FREE!!!

It just dawned on me the other night that Sean and I are COMPLETELY DEBT FREE (including no mortgage now)!! Seriously, what a relieving feeling!! It is because of the fact that we are content with money at this point in our lives, and when you aren’t burdened with money, it doesn’t stress you out. How did it not even occur to me that when we sold and closed on our house that we are completely debt free? This is how and why…



From previous blog posts, most of you know that my husband and I are big Dave Ramsey fans and have been following The Total Money Makeover plan and completing the baby steps 1-7 since about January 2011. My husband and I paid off over $70,000 in debt in less than 2 years. It feels so good to have the debt gone. We just finished baby step #3 (fully funded emergency fund) and were already on baby step #4 (investing). We don’t have children yet, so we haven’t moved onto to baby step #5 (saving for children’s college fund). We had actually built a brand new house about three years ago, and we were planning on moving on to paying that mortgage off, but due to my husbands job we have the opportunity to move back “home” and get rid of that mortgage for now.

Instead of buying right away, we are going to rent one of my parents farmhouses and save a 20% down payment for a house. That is one mistake we made with our first home was not having the 20% down, and we were stuck paying PMI (insurance). No thank you! We are sick of paying that extra $200+ a month towards absolutely nothing. Therefore, we are taking advantage of being able to get out from under a mortgage, and we are going to take the opportunity to save 20% down.

I cannot tell you how great of a feeling is to know that we do not OWE ANYONE ANY MONEY. We can start fresh and do it right this time by saving a down payment that is substantial enough to not have to worry about paying the PMI. Luckily we are renting from my parents, so we will not have to worry about a time constraint of finding a house that we like when we are ready or building. We have been given another blessing in disguise.

Some people seem to be questioning our decision or looking at us like we are crazy for going from a brand new house to renting an old farmhouse, but we must remember that we make our choices for ourselves and the future of our family, not based on what others think is good for us. No need to keep up with the Joneses’ here! We are willing to make sacrifice now in order to build a better future!



Stay tuned for a blog post on the farmhouse we will be living in. This could be an interesting journey. The house is an OLD farmhouse. My husband is more of a “city boy” than a “farm boy” for sure. I told him that he better get used to the smell of cow manure! The house needed/needs a lot of work, so I will be posting some before/after pictures for you all to see the progression. I see a lot of remodeling, renovation, and DIY projects in my future, which is actually fine with me because I LOVE DIY projects!! Hello, Pinterest!! I was actually getting a little bored with our “brand new house” because there was not a need for as many “projects”. There will be plenty here to keep me busy!! YAY!!

Here are my previous blog posts on our journey of financial freedom, if you’re interested in the background:

Living Debt Free-Dave Ramsey and The Total Money Makeover


PAO Surgery: 7 weeks post-op

This is my 7-week post-op PAO surgery update. Agh, almost there! I have my next follow-up appointment on Friday, in which my doctor will authorize me whether I can go weight bearing on my right side. I am so ready for this! I feel like once I can do that I can begin to move forward more in this recovery. I am still experiencing some symptoms in my left pelvic region muscles. Again, I am hoping it is just compensation due to no weight bearing on my right side, leaving all of my weight to bear on my left side. I can’t wait to go weight bearing and hopefully start some more substantial physical therapy (other than the basic exercises I have been doing) in order to strengthen my muscles. I am hoping to use the physical therapist here in town that I will have access to the pool and can do water therapy exercises. Water therapy is a very beneficial, low impact exercise that is good for people with hip issues. I just want some guidance, so I do not injure myself. I need constant reminders on proper form, etc. My hand eye coordination is not up to par.



Other than that, I think the recovery process is still going pretty normal as far as bone healing, and muscle and nerve repair. I only have a few more days until my next post-op follow-up appointment. Fingers, toes, all extremities crossed and a lot of prayers sent my way would be greatly appreciated. I am really anxious to be able to walk on both of my legs!!



As far as the other aspect of surgery recovery, I am going stir crazy from boredom! I have been trying to read, watch HGTV, DIY Network, do puzzles, make cards, etc. Basically anything I can do that I enjoy to relieve my boredom, but there is only so much I can do. I was able to spend last Friday with my niece. We spent the day taking Trooper (our dog) to the veterinarian, which Makenna LOVED because she loves animals and wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. After the veterinarian visit, we stopped by the library, and I read her a book, and she was able to pick out a few books and DVDs to check out to take home. She LOVES the library! She decorated some pink and green paper with her Barbie and Princess stickers. We also made a heart-shaped sandwich for lunch and pampered her by painting her toes. It was the highlight of my week. She is such a little sweetheart! LOVE HER!

Kenna Kenna2 Wk7quote3


I am still getting tired very easily. Last night we went to a buffet fundraiser for our local varsity baseball team, and I was wiped out! Mom and I went to two stores in town prior to going to the fundraiser, and then heading to the eatery. I was there for about an hour, and I was exhausted by the end of it. I am not sure how this will pan out when I have to go back to work.

While all of this is going on with me, my life is resuming in a hectic manner without me. My mom and Sean have been busy, busy, busy (did I say BUSY) working on getting the farm house ready for us to move in. We are hoping that we are able to at least move everything off the trailer by Sunday of this coming weekend!! Again, fingers crossed and prayers, whatever is your thing!!

PAO Surgery: 6 weeks post-op

This is my 6 week post-op PAO surgery update. I have developed some symptoms in my left pelvic region muscles. I am hoping it is just compensation due to no weight bearing on my right side, leaving all of my weight to bear on my left side. However, I can’t help but have that little thought in the back of my head that all of the stress will activate long-term complications with my left side because I do have hip dysplasia on both sides. Like I said, I hoping it is just compensation and everything will go back to normal after there is less stress on my left side. Other than that, I think the recovery process is still going pretty normal as far as bone healing, and muscle and nerve repair. I only have 1 ½ more weeks until my next post-op follow-up appointment when I can find out whether I can go weight bearing on my right side. I am counting down the days!



I did get a massage last Friday, and it felt amazing! I have had massages before, but I can tell you now there is a difference between when you need one and getting a massage “just because”. I NEEDED that massage.

It has been a busy, busy week. We made a big move out of our old house and onto a semi-trailer where our stuff is being stored until we can move it into my parent’s farm house we are renting. There is some work that needs to be done until we can move into that house, so for now we are staying with my parents. It is bad timing for the need to move and remodel and renovate. I am not much help in either of those departments.

It has been hard sitting back and letting everyone else resume my responsibilities while moving and remodeling and renovating the farm house for us to move in. I am a “doer” not a “watcher” or “teller”. I just want to “do” everything myself and not have to direct my responsibility to others. My second mama posted this great quote on Facebook the other day. It was perfect and just what I needed to hear and see. I keep telling saying that her and God teamed up to send me this sign. I definitely need to remind myself to practice patience right now.



52 Lists “Catch-Up”

I am playing catch-up for my 52 Lists Posts, so here they are!

“List Your Childhood & Current Dream Jobs”

5 a winery.”junker”

“List Your Favorite Quotes”


be the change you wish to see in the world.i’m not here for a long time i’m just here for a good ain’t always beautiful but it’s a beautiful like no one else now so you can live like no one else later.our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that what you feel in your heart to be right for you’ll be criticized one can make you feel inferior without your who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

“List Your Favorite Books”


harry potter series.the total money makeover.big girl panties.the help.start.entreleadership.friendship away home.fifty shades of grey.the fault in our stars.the help.i like giving.the happiness project.lean in.water for elephants.twilight series.the honest life.the body money smart kids.

“List The People You Admire”

2 of my that has had a positive influence on my life.

“List The Ways You Are Energized”


exercise.being active.rejuvenating.positive attitudes.sunshine.fresh good night of sleep.good music.

“List The Things You Want To Be Known For”


being kind.educated.successful.good leader.honest.truthful.caring.thoughtful.motivating.determined.

“List Your Summer Goals”


recover from surgery.get back to being on total money makeover baby steps.go back to work.settle in new house.

PAO Surgery: 5 weeks post-op

Today I am 5 week post-op from my PAO surgery. The physical recovery continues to seem to be normal. My bones, muscles and nerves are still repairing. There is still substantial bruising on my quad, thigh and glute, but it is slowly subsiding. I still do not have full sensation back in my quad and glute area, so it is pretty sensitive to touch. It feels very odd to have people touch it because I can feel the touch but it is dull. I am having more nerve pain in my quad but at least it is brief and periodic, not a constant pain. My left IT band and glute area are definitely experiencing symptoms as a result of compensation for no-weight bearing on my right side. I hope those symptoms do not develop into long-term problems and subside when I am able to resume to weight bearing on my right side. My pelvic region muscles feel like they are on fire a lot, which I am sure is a result of nerves. I get tired very easily. I ran errands with mom to pick out carpet and flooring, paint, and some bathroom materials, and by the time we were done, I was exhausted.



To be honest, at this point the recovery process I am more mentally exhausted than physically. We have a lot going on with moving, and obviously I cannot help with that process as much as I would like. It is very frustrating. I feel worthless not being able to help and relying on others to do everything for the move. I am very grateful to have family and friends willing to help, but I feel guilty not being able to do it myself, and I am not comfortable with allowing others to resume what should be my responsibility. It is very hard.

I am definitely very grateful for and have developed a stronger appreciation for my wonderful family and friends. Sean has been awesome helping me, and let me tell you, that is not an easy task because I am particular about the way things are done; therefore, I  get frustrated easily and can be difficult to deal with. He has shown so much love and patience. My parents have been great helping out with things, and are being wonderful in orchestrating getting the farm house ready for us to move into, since I am not able to. I am truly blessed with great family and friends.



In general, I just want to be able to maneuver normally. I am finding myself feeling very bored. My PAO Facebook group and blogs that I have found through that site have been helpful as far as advice and support through the process. I continue to rely on the people in the group, as they understand what I have gone and am going through. It is helpful to have  your feelings validated by others going through the same circumstances and experiences as you are.



Another advantage to this surgery is that I have and still am developing a stronger relationship with God. I have started to accept more that I need to leave my life and destiny up to him. He has a plan. I have been in prayer with him more and have been developing my faith more overall.



I am continuing to tell myself that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I have my next follow-up appointment on May 23rd, and my doctor will determine there whether I can go weight bearing. I am hoping for the best news!