PAO Surgery: 3 weeks Post-Op

I am now 3 weeks and 2 days post-op from PAO surgery. Everything seems to be going decent still and as well as expected. I have just been doing some basic physical therapy exercises recommended by my physical therapist to get a head start on strengthening my quad/hamstring/glute area muscles and keeping my calf stretched out, etc. My pelvic region muscles were very tight and felt like they were on fire on Easter Sunday and on Monday. I called my doctor first thing Monday morning for a prescription for a muscle relaxer, as I had let mine run out thinking I didn’t need it. Lesson learned on that. The doctor’s office ended up not calling it in on Monday, so I didn’t get my prescription until Tuesday, so needless to say Sunday and Monday were long days, as I could not get comfortable anywhere I stood, sat, or laid down. I guess I wasn’t thinking very well about the entire situation; after all, my muscles were cut into and peeled back, etc. in order to get to the bone, so it is normal to need the muscle relaxers for a while they are repairing and everything is healing back up. I have to remember I am not some sort of super hero! I am human.

I have been trying to get out of the house when possible, but by the time I get down the stair, in the car, conduct the activity or whatever I am leaving the house for, and then do the same in reverse, I am pretty exhausted. I am able to move my operation leg (right) pretty well myself while standing, but I still have to lift it while in a seated position of while lying down. It just isn’t strong enough itself. Overall, though everything is still going well and as expected, I suppose.

Let me tell ya’ though, I am so thankful that I stumbled upon this Facebook group that I belong to called Periacetabular Osteotomy (PAO). It is a closed group of individuals who have either undergone a PAO surgery or are preparing to. It is such a great support to have, as we all understand one another, can ask each other questions, voice concerns, and some times just vent. When you feel like no one else understands, it is a great place to go to remind yourself that you are not alone and someone does get it. I found this girl’s blog the other day through it. She has been blogging about her journey with hip dysplasia and undergoing PAO. Her surgery was April 4th (just 3 days off mine), so our recoveries are mirroring one another. She is very detailed with her journey, and it was so nice to hear someone else’s journey and validates what I am going through and feeling too.

With that being said, I am posting the following lists to help anyone in preparation for surgery, but it is often requested in the Periacetabular Osteotomy (PAO), so I hope this helps!! The lists are broke down into 1) items for the hospital (and home) 2) Equipment (to consider based on needs) 3) Gift ideas (for people undergoing surgery or in the hospital).



Hard candy


Lip gloss/chap stick



Pill organizer

Neck Pillow

Water cup/bottle


Loose/comfortable pants

Comfortable, snag free underwear

Comfortable sports bra


Zip up hoodies

Pull over pajamas

Warm, loose socks








Organizer for walker

Heightened toilet seat

Shower seat

Shower railing

Detachable showerhead

Post-surgery gift ideas:

Handmade cards


Hard candy

Perfume/Lotion/Hand Sanitizer






 Gift cards


Frozen meals

Healthy Food: Larabars, Quest bars, KIND bars, etc.

Neck pillow

Back scratcher


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