Give. Save. Spend.

For any of you somewhat familiar with the Dave Ramsey programs and materials, you understand the concept of “Give, Save, Spend”. Of course that is one of the central themes in his and his daughter, Rachel’s, new book Smart Money, Smart Kids. In fact, there are three chapters dedicated to giving, saving and spending. The concepts continue to be stressed and trend throughout the book. Today I am going to share with you a unique story and one that set a perfect example for myself on how I want Sean and I to raise our children and teach them about money.

As many of you know, Sean and I are pretty big Dave Ramsey fans. We read his book The Total Money Makeover and followed the plan for about a year by building our $1,000 emergency fund and paying down on our debt snowball before we decided to take the Financial Peace University (FPU) course. We had most of the concepts down already, but we believe there is always room for learning and growth. No one is perfect and “knows it all”. We were looking forward to being refreshed and learning more in depth about the concepts outlined in the book and online.

Both Sean and I were very pleased with the interaction that we were able to have with other class participants that were able to share their personal stories throughout their journey to financial peace also. This was probably the biggest advantages to taking the FPU courses versus just reading the book The Total Money Makeover. One such story that I was able to personally witness left me in awe. I think you could say it left a long lasting impression, and it may have even changed my life, and the course and approaches that Sean and I will consider using with our own children.

One of the facilitators of the group had been working with his own daughter on some of the concepts that Dave Ramsey teaches. Yes, this was even before Smart Money, Smart Kids. He was one step ahead of the game!! Some people are just good that way J He had his been teaching his daughter how to work on commission, how to budget, and the value of “giving, saving, and spending”. She even had her own little “give, save, and spend” envelopes, which she appeared to be very proud of!

That little girl came in to “show and tell”, and she did so with such pride and confidence! It made me think, that is exactly what I want my little girl (or boy) to be like!! What a great role model that little girl was, and what a great testament of her father for teaching her the concepts at a such a young age (age appropriate, of course).


It reminded me of a story that Dave Ramsey tells in the Smart Money, Smart Kids book where he quotes in reference to his daughter, Rachel:

Of course I am her proud dad, but as you read her words, you will quickly say to yourself, I want to raise kids like her. And you can.”

That little girl came in and laid out her “give, save, and spend” envelopes and was able to tell us a little bit about the work that she did to earn her commission, and what she was saving for, as well as what she likes to “give” to.

Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze’s new book Smart Money, Smart Kids is releasing on April 22nd. On the Smart Money, Smart Kids website ( you can pre-order the book and get more than $50 in FREE extras to help you raise money-smart kids! The pre-order includes a copy of the hard cover book, the audiobook, a video lesson, and the eBook. There is also an option at the bottom of the website homepage that allows you to enter your email address and get the introduction and first 2 chapters emailed to you now!



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