PAO Surgery: 2 weeks Post-Op

Well, hello all! I am going to take today to update you on my PAO surgery recovery. I am 2 weeks post-operation, and overall, the healing seems to be going well or as can be expected.

photo 2  photo 4 photo 5

(A few of my chalkboard art creations)

There were a few nights that were pretty rough because I was anxiously awaken by very strange and disturbing nightmares. It was so bad to the point of feeling like my heart was going to pound out of my chest, and I was sweating. I’ve never experienced this before. I am thinking it is medication? I thought my nightmares seemed to subside for one night at least; however, Friday night I didn’t sleep well because of nightmares again. I was awake within 15 minutes of falling asleep, feeling like my heart was going to pound out of my chest and really anxious. I finally fell asleep at about 6:00am and slept for about 1 1/2 hours, but then I was up all day.

In the afternoon, I decided I would try to go downstairs (I have been staying on the main floor of our house, so I don’t have to navigate the stairs daily). I made it down the two flights of stairs just fine and conducted some business downstairs. Then I decided to head back up and with the sun shining and warm weather I wanted to try to get some fresh air on the back porch. There was a perfect little breeze, and oh my, did my body need some Vitamin D! Mom brought out a lawn chair for me to sit in, but it was really uncomfortable, so I decided I didn’t want to sit out there long.

I made it back inside and all of the sudden felt very fatigued. Making it up that last flight of stairs completed exhausted me. I struggled to get up the very last stair. I laid down on the couch and drank a full glass of water to try to rejuvenate, but I was still exhausted. We had company coming at 6pm, but I literally could not keep my eyes open because I was so tired. I told Mom I needed to take a short 30 minute nap and to wake me up at 5:45pm. The sleep felt sooooo good, and lord knows I could have kept sleeping, but I needed to get up for the company coming to visit. I was still very tired, but made it through the nice visit. I am still slightly tired but feeling better. I hope to sleep better tonight.

Without injuring myself or pushing too hard, I think I need to exert myself like that a little each day to stay conditioned. This sedentary lifestyle is for the birds! I am definitely starting to get more feeling back in my quad/thigh/glute/hamstring. With that sensation comes the “good” (no indication of nerve damage), but also the bad, painful nerve sensation. Overall, it seems that I am progressing and recovering as well as possible. I will have my two-week follow up on Friday to discuss the progress with my doctor. We will see what the next few days will bring prior to that appointment! Either way on the mend and recovery seems to be going well!!

 However, my poor dog!! Trooper doesn’t know what to think about me!! I think this surgery recovery is harder on him than it is on me. He just keeps looking at my walker and wheelchair like I’m an alien. He sits by my feet all day long. He seems confused because I’m not the one taking him out and feeding him, and I’m not playing with him and tossing his toys. He’s all out of element. It’s breaking my heart. Man’s best friend!!

photo 2 photo 5

(Trooper, my dog) (Got bored and decided to paint my nails)

 I have been keeping myself occupied through social media (guilty), reading, puzzles, and my daily “chalkboard art” (I might as well with nothing else to do!).

photo 1photo 3

(Chalkboard art creations)

My parents are still staying with us at the house. Let me tell you, I have been reflecting on how truly blessed I am to have such a great husband and parents that are so selfless and willing to drop everything to take care of me. I do not like depending on others, but if I have to depend on anyone, I feel like the luckiest person in the world to be able to depend on them! I cannot even express in words how grateful I am for everything they are doing for me. I will keep you posted on my recovery again within the week!


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