Smart Money, Smart Kids Review: Chapters 11 & 12

Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze’s new book Smart Money, Smart Kids is releasing on April 22nd. On the Smart Money, Smart Kids website ( you can pre-order the book and get more than $50 in FREE extras to help you raise money-smart kids! The pre-order includes a copy of the hard cover book, the audiobook, a video lesson, and the eBook. There is also an option at the bottom of the website homepage that allows you to enter your email address and get the introduction and first 2 chapters emailed to you now!

In chapters 11 & 12 of Smart Money, Smart Kids, Dave and Rachel hone in on the concept of passing on a legacy to our younger generations by raising smart-money kids. Chapter 11 is even wittingly titled “Generational Handoff”. These chapters discuss the importance of teaching your children about money and being financially responsible.


One major theme that Dave and Rachel focus on in the closing of this book is raising children that are able to recognize life as a blessing by not being cursed by a sense of entitlement. The Ramsey story of “the rope” is introduced, along with a more detailed outline of how to deeply instill smart money values in your child through family traditions and the portrayal of those values to your children. These chapters do so by giving practical advice on how to have those discussion, how to maximize experiences, and define those values.

One such concept that stood out to me, and I found to be especially interesting was the concept of a “family constitution”. I don’t want to give too much detail and be a “spoiler”, so I will leave you with the “idea”. Now it is up to you to go buy and read the book in order to be able to explore the ideas yourself and begin implementing them in your own household to raise smart-money kids!


I hope you have all enjoyed my reviews of the book. Go order a copy today or pick up a copy at your local store on April 22nd. I promise you won’t be disappointed!! Let’s all join together to create a generation that understands money and wants to be financially responsible. We are responsible for doing that, and the concepts in the book Smart Money, Smart kids can be of great assistance to parents and role models alike on how to do that.


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