Smart Money, Smart Kids Review: Chapters 9 & 10

Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze’s new book Smart Money, Smart Kids is releasing on April 22nd. On the Smart Money, Smart Kids website ( you can pre-order the book and get more than $50 in FREE extras to help you raise money-smart kids! The pre-order includes a copy of the hard cover book, the audiobook, a video lesson, and the eBook. There is also an option at the bottom of the website homepage that allows you to enter your email address and get the introduction and first 2 chapters emailed to you now!


In chapters 9 & 10 of Smart Money, Smart Kids the authors discuss contentment and family. A few of the quotes in the chapter on contentment stood out to me.

“Contentment isn’t a money issue…It’s a heart issue” pg. 183

“Content people may not have the best of everything, but they make the best of everything” pg. 184

As Dave and Rachel discuss, children are going to define happiness, contentment, joy, and their identity the way that their parents and other roles models present it to them.

“You can’t defeat materialism in your kids if you are infected by it yourself”. As part of being responsible for our children and teaching the next generation about living a life of contentment, we must use those teachable moments and experiences to show the next generations that there is more to life than “keeping up with the Jones’”.

Dave and Rachel discuss some tips and strategies for optimizing those experiences on living contently. One way the Ramsey’s did so was sending their children on mission trips. Rachel stresses how much that experience changed her perspective and that of her siblings.


Rachel quotes:

“I noticed something about the people I met there: They were happy. No, not just happy; they were filled with joy and contentment, even though they probably couldn’t even comprehend all the comforts I took for granted every day”.

Rachel shares a little about her personal experiences on mission trips and how that has shaped her view of the world. Personally having traveled abroad to Ghana, Africa while in college, I can attest to what a blessing it is to have the opportunity to gain these experiences to shape perspective. I will share my personal experience in Ghana in a future post. My story and experience is very similar to what Rachel gained from her mission trips.

Finally, Dave and Rachel discuss the three stages of discontentment and how to navigate through that with your own children. A discussion of the magic antidote to discontentment is covered: GIVING!! One of the major themes throughout the book.

In chapter 10, the authors discuss family. Some of the concepts discussed in this chapter include raising children that feel blessed vs. spoiled.


As Dave says:

“It’s all about the child’s attitude. It’s 80 percent behavior, remember? …if they recognize everything they have represents the love and care of their parents, then you know they have the right spirit of gratitude and appreciation. They’re blessed”.

Dave and Rachel further discuss the topics of entitlement and ownership amongst children. Rachel quotes:

“Hearing the word no is an incredible gift my parents gave me from a young age”

Chapter 10 further goes into discussion of family types and how to deal with teaching your kids smart money management while dealing with different family dynamics, including conventional families, single-parents, divorced parents, blended families, and other considerations such as adoptions and special needs. Dave and Rachel offer tips and advice on how to deal with these different family dynamics.

Remember to stay tuned for the final review of the book when I cover chapters 11 & 12. Thanks for following!!





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