Saver vs. Spender-“Father’s Daughter”

Hello again! Back to talk about topics surrounding Smart Money, Smart Kids! Today I want to talk about what Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze are calling the Spender vs. Saver. In chapter 3 of the book Smart Money, Smart Kids Dave and Rachel talk about the personalities of kids that are naturally spenders vs. savers. The authors do not argue that either personality is wrong or right; rather that your child probably has natural tendencies towards one or the other, and it is not necessary to try to change that but to cater to how that fits that particular child and focus on teachable moments surrounding how they learn to function in our society in regards to their “spender” or “saver” personality.


Which category do you fall into? Are you a spender or a saver? Do you have kids? Which category do they fall into? Are there any strategies that you have used with your kids in regards to these two personality types? Do you think it is healthy to try to balance out a “spender” vs. “saver” personality without being too overbearing one way or the other?


There are a lot of considerations on this topic, as you do not want to raise children to feel a sense of entitlement, but as a parent you also want them to own responsibility of being financially mature in regards to saving and spending.

I would say without a doubt (and those that know me would agree) that I am a natural saver. I guess you could call me my “father’s daughter”. Just as Rachel Cruze jokes about growing up “Ramsey” and being “Dave Ramsey’s daughter”, I am very much so that way with my dad. We are both the “tightwads” of the family and very conscious, frugal and intentional with our money. On our last family vacation, I am not sure how many times my dad hollered for me to “have his back” because the rest of our family was ganging up on him (all in fun) about being a “tightwad”. He would say “Gina Marie, where are ya? I need you to back me up on this!” TOO FUNNY!

Please feel free to share your story about being a saver or a spender! We would love to hear 🙂

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