The Eagle Has LANDED!! Post PAO surgery

Attention: The Eagle has landed!!! Lol. Well, I am home from post PAO surgery. Here is a synopsis of everything (that I remember anyways…). I went in for a pre-operation appointment on Monday at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (UIHC). I underwent some x-rays and had some blood drawn and other tests run. All pretty basic and routine but reality was also beginning to settle in.

Mom and Dad have been wonderful and agreed to come stay with us for a little while post-operation, so they arrived Monday afternoon. After getting them all settled in, we went out to dinner at the local “ma and pa” restaurant. I love spending time with mom and dad, catching up, and chatting.

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My surgery was scheduled for 8am on Tuesday morning, and our arrival time was 6am to get pre-op procedure out of the way.


Quite the fashionista in my sweet hospital gown and ted hose, I must say 🙂

It all went pretty fast between 6am-8am, and before “I knew it” I was in recovery. It was an overall a pretty good experience, except I think they were administering too much of a medication they were giving me to counteract low potassium that they were worried about based on the conversation that I overheard from the nurses. I am guessing I was okay though, as it was just for low potassium. Probably could have been worse, right??? Lol.


Picture of my post-op incision. Apparently I am lucky there too because my doctor does a bikini incision and the scar can be covered by most clothing.


The second picture is a before and after of my right hip. You can notice the new position and the depth of my ball joint into my socket. I didn’t realize the HUGE difference until I saw them side by side. WOW!

My recovery nurse’s name was Patsy Cline (not sure how she spelled it though???) Blame it on the wearing off anesthesia or just that I love Patsy Cline, but I thought it was quite hilarious, and I was like “is your name really Patsy Cline???”. She responded, “Yes, but you don’t want to hear me sing dear!” 🙂

They were quick to move me over to my room for my short stay. I was told I was lucky because I got a single room, where as most people share in post-op recovery. LUCKY ME!! It must have been in the cards for me too because my hospital stay was supposed to be 3-5 days after surgery. Everything went so well, that I was sent home on Thursday or two days post-op.

The nurses managed my pain well, and I was up walking for physical therapy the next day. I started my PT the day after with a short walk from my bed to the nurses station (my room was closest to station), then walked back into my personal bathroom to use restroom and freshen up after they had removed the catheter.

My 2nd day of PT was navigating the stairs with my walker and crutches because that was going to be my biggest obstacle coming home. I have horrible concept of hand/eye coordination. The PT gave me a sweet zebra print carrier for my walker, so I am walkin’ in style!!!


I think Trooper (our dog) may have missed me too 🙂

Like I said, overall everything is going great. My only slight complaint is that I am very, very stiff after sleeping for 4 hours and trying not to move my leg while sleeping. Any suggestions for that would be wonderful!!! Thanks 🙂

Mom and I have been working on a puzzle to keep us entertained 🙂


I had GREAT visitors in the hospital and the rest of you have been wonderful with your thoughts, prayers, and kind gestures!!! I got some pretty awesome handmade cards from my nieces, nephews, and my sister’s students, as well as some beautiful blooming flowers. I am truly blessed and thank you again!!!




2 thoughts on “The Eagle Has LANDED!! Post PAO surgery

  1. Juicer6000 says:

    I love that zebra print walker carrier! My second PAO is in 6 weeks. Maybe I’ll try to make one for myself. Looks like your surgery went very well! Do you live in Iowa? I went to college at the University of Iowa.

    • Gina says:

      Yes, I live close to the University of Iowa actually. Where do you live?

      The hospital gave me the zebra print walker carrier (LOVE!), but it would be really easy to make one!

      Best of luck with your 2nd PAO!

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