Smart Money, Smart Kids Launch Team + Review of Intro. & Chapters 1-2

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it” -Proverbs 22:6

I announced on Facebook that I was selected to be part of the launch team for Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze’s new book Smart Money, Smart Kids that is being released on April 22nd. I saw the opportunity and applied. I was informed that there were over 700 applicants and only 157 people were selected to be part of the launch team; therefore, I am feeling very blessed for this opportunity.


On the Smart Money, Smart Kids website ( you can pre-order the book and  get more than $50 in FREE extras to help you raise money-smart kids! The pre-order includes a copy of the hard cover book, the audiobook, a video lesson, and the eBook. There is also an option at the bottom of the website homepage that allows you to enter your email address and get the introduction and first 2 chapters emailed to you now! I took the opportunity to read the introduction and first 2 chapters, and I am hooked! Now I am anxiously waiting to read the rest of the book, which was just released to the launch team today in .pdf format. I am elated! I can’t wait to continue reading! It is just like any other Dave Ramsey book that I have read. I don’t want to put it down. Dave Ramsey writes in a style is an easy read, and all of his principles are so simple and seem like such common sense that any person would be able to apply them. He and Rachel do just that in their new book Smart Money, Smart Kids.


The book discusses raising smart-money conscious kids. Dave and Rachel talk about instilling the values of handling money as a family tradition. It is a choice you must make and be intentional with passing those values down through the generations of your family tree. In order to ensure that your kids are money smart, you must instill values of money knowledge, smart money characteristic traits, and establishing wealth.


In chapter 1, the concepts of working, giving, saving, and spending are discussed. Teaching kids to budget and plan for expenses is essential. Dave and Rachel talk about their passion for teaching these principles to their followers. Dave compares his materials to being the “emergency surgeon”, since his books and programs address the issues in the “afterthought”, while Rachel considers herself to be the “preventative medicine”. She spends her time and efforts attempting to educate and empower youth to not make the same mistakes as previous generations when it comes to money. In other words, live financially responsible and don’t go into debt in the first place.

Chapter 2 discusses the work ethic in more detail and how to instill hard working values in your children. Dave and Rachel acknowledge that instilling work ethic in your children must be age appropriate. They go into details on tips and advice for different age groups, including ages 3-5, older kids and tweens, and finally age 14 to college aged. Again, the tips and advice are so simple to follow and outlined very well.


As previously stated, the first 2 chapters of the book Smart Money, Smart Kids left me yearning to read more. I cannot wait to continue reading the subsequent chapters, and I look forward to sharing my reviews with you as my readers! Stayed tuned!!



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