DeWitt Stop Bullying Initiative

Most of you know that my husband and myself are moving back to our hometown of DeWitt. Since learning that we will be moving back, I wanted to keep an eye out for opportunities to get involved in the community. While browsing Facebook, I came across a page titled “DeWitt Stop Bullying”. Anti-bullying initiatives are something I am passionate about.

I was bullied in both my middle school years and in high school. When I was asked to speak about my experiences at an anti-bullying conference in college, I was caught off-guard when I started to talk, and I choked up. What I had experienced affected me so much that as a junior in college it still had the ability to upset me years later.

Bullying is not a matter to be dealt with lightly. We need to raise awareness. That is exactly what Christy Delich is trying to do with as the founder of the “DeWitt Stop Bullying” initiative.When I discovered the DeWitt Stop Bullying initiative, I reached out to Christy about how I could get involved.


Christy shared her personal story with me in regards to her son and his experiences with bullying. Christy and her husband adopted a young, black boy and are raising him in a predominantly white community. While their family acknowledged that they would most likely encounter times that they would have to deal with raising their transracial (they are white, he is black) son, there is not always enough consideration to help you prepare on how to deal with your own child being mistreated or bullied. As Christy put it,

“I am just raising awareness. We do need a support system. The older my son gets, we are not right there to protect him. We understand that not a lot of people would believe what has gone on. We wouldn’t have guessed ourselves. My son is very angry and hurt. We use resources for him that give him the encouragement he needs, which is something we work on often and will continue. We are only wishing that families take time to talk about differences with your child.  It’s ok to talk to your child about different races and what name calling might come up. We have a wonderful community, and we believe working together as a community it can empower DeWitt. Just having the awareness to teach and educate is the most important thing. We are not asking for sympathy or pointing fingers. It’s not who did it. It’s that it’s happening. Please take the time out to share this story and talk openly. You will make change today and tomorrow!”


Well said! Together, as a community, we can fight bullying. It takes everyone working together. Parents, teachers, administration, churches, and other organizations all empowering kids to treat others well, stand up for their peers, and empower them to stand up for themselves. No one deserves to be bullied.


As part of launching the “DeWitt Stop Bullying” initiative, an event called the “Bully Project” will be taking place at the DeWitt Operahouse on Saturday, March 29th beginning at 10:00 am.

Here is the agenda:

-Panel will begin speaking on why they are so passionate about the Bully Project and why they are a part of it

 -Bully Movie

 -Guest Speaker, Paige Lindle


-Rythym Ave Performance Academy they have put together a wonderful show for us

You can take the pledge to be an Upstander not a Bystander at the event. Stand up speak up. Be the change!


You can also check out the DeWitt Observer at for the story or grab a local paper to learn even more about the event.



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