Cassidy’s Fundraiser

You may have seen me post about my niece, Cassidy, and her fundraiser for her sports. Where to start here? Cassidy is extremely passionate about her sports. She has been an avid gymnast and recently decided to do both track and gymnastics at the same time this year. Talk about a busy tween! I cannot even begin to explain how talented this young girl is. Not only is she naturally talented when it comes to sports, she is extremely motivated and dedicated to being the very best she can be. On our recent trip to Colorado, we had the chance to have her explain her activities that she is involved in to us. She let us know that she was participating in track and gymnastics. On top of that, she was selected as student of the month at her school. What an honor!  She was also selected as team leader of her track team and coaches lessons in gymnastics. This just brushes the basics of what this girl is accomplishing at such a young age. I have no doubt she will continue to excel in whatever she sets her mind to.

Cass1 Cass2 Cass3

(A few pictures of Cassidy’s gymnastic’s poses)

I asked my sister to give us a brief idea of some more happenings in Cassidy’s life. Here is what she had to say:

“Cass started gymnastics when she was 3. She always loved watching her cousin Jess do “Nastics” as she called it, so we signed her up with help from her Nana, as it has always been a very pricey sport.  She LOVED it from day 1 and has never looked back.  She started competing competitively in 2008 when she was 8 years old and actually won the All Around State Champion title (which means she had the highest scores out of anyone that age on all 4 events combined).  She has always done very well and continues to push herself to learn new skills and is now getting ready to compete LEVEL 8 starting this coming May.  She trains at minimum 5 nights a week 2.5 hours per night and in the summer ends up training up to 4 hours per day if possible.  She would stay in that gym all night if we let her. Her dedication to this sport has actually helped her excel in her other love and that is track.  She loves to run and is very fast because of how strong she is. She runs the 100 and 200 and jumps the Long Jump. Last year was her first year competing in track she was in 7th grade. She placed 1st and 2nd place in all her events at every track meet she attended last year including districts. Cass has such a hard working dedicated attitude for everything she does from sports to school to hobbies.  She is an “A” student and is in Honors Math and plans on taking Honors classes in High school next year. She started loving photography at a very young age as well and people thought I was crazy when I would let her take one of my 35mm DIGITAL cameras and take whatever shots she chose when she was so young. I think it gave her the freedom to see things herself and develop her eye for the kind of photos she likes to capture. She has an exceptional eye for getting unique pictures, I think. Since I got sick it is very hard for me to take the sports photos I once took so she has taken over for me at basketball games getting shots of Tanner and has done a wonderful job”.

Now that you have had a bit of the background, it brings me back to the topic of Cassidy’s fundraiser. In order to be able to fund her passion of track and gymnastics, Cass has started making and selling handmade cards. All of the pictures used on the cards have been taken by Cass or my sister, Colleen. The pictures are absolutely beautiful, and who doesn’t love a handmade card (especially when you know it is going towards a good cause)? Please consider supporting Cassidy in her efforts to raise money to participate in these activities that she is so passionate about. Help a young girl live her dream 🙂


(A few examples of some of the handmade cards)

The cards are 8 for $10. Contact me for details on how to place an order!! Thank you so much!!


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