Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

Have any of you tried a coconut oil hair treatment? My hair has been suffering some damage. I am attributing it to all of the injections that I received due to my hip issues. It seems to have messed with my hormones. My hair started breaking off, and has become VERY DRY and brittle. I wanted a way to moisturize it and not use chemicals. I had heard of coconut oil being good to use as a moisturizing hair treatment, so I thought I would give it a try! It is AMAZING!! I do it about twice a week. I would recommend using organic coconut oil. It is so much softer and easier to apply. I got mine at Sam’s.


Here is my routine:

-Put desired amount of coconut oil in hand and rub into other hand to melt it (make it easier to apply

-Apply evenly throughout your hair

-Wrap your hair up or pull back with headband (whatever works for you)

-Relax or go about your business doing housework for about 30 minutes

-I rinse mine out in the shower with shampoo twice then condition

It leaves me hair so soft and seems to help replenish the moisture into my poor, dry and brittle hair. Let me know if you try it out and what you think!! In my opinion, coconut oil hair treatments are AMAZEBALLS!!


2 thoughts on “Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

  1. Rachel Ward says:

    That is awesome! It doesn’t make your hair greasy? (I know you take a shower after, but I would still think it would be hard to get out)

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