52 Lists-Week 6

Here is my weekly post of my 52 lists weekly challenge for the year 2014. This is week six and the challenge is to “list the ways in which you can love others”. Here is my list:


hugs.kisses.kind words.quotes.send cards.text messages.emails.hand written letters.give compliments.give compliments.send words of encouragement.gifts.make a visit.dinner dates.love notes.thank-you notes.random acts of kindness.listen.offer advice when needed.forgive.smile.make a phone call.say “i loveyou”.be patient.be kind.be thoughtful.give back.mentor.tell others what you appreciate about them.tell others what you admire about them.spend quality time together.understand.accept.surprise them.show support.inspire.motivate.respect.compromise.praise people.be more present.laugh.be honest.be courteous.be positive.


One thought on “52 Lists-Week 6

  1. Autumn says:

    Love the list : ) handwritten letters and notes are my fav : ))

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