52 Lists

While surfing through Facebook the other day, I stumbled upon this interesting website that is a challenge called “The 52 Lists Project”. It is a 52 week challenge in which the participants are given a list each week to fill out and share with other participants. I am going to have to play catch up for a few week, as I was late starting the 2014 challenge. This will be one of my goals to keep up with in 2014. It will be part of challenging myself to reflect and grow as a person. I have filled out the first three weeks of challenges and thoroughly enjoyed how thought provoking the lists were. I feel like the challenge will allow me to reflect on my life in the past, present, and future. It will help me remember to be grateful for all of the blessing in my life, will help me stay focused on my goals, and will make me aspire to be the best person I can be in 2014. I will make sure to post my lists to share with all of you!

Week #1 List The Words That Touch Your Soul


Week #2 List Your Greatest Comforts

cuddling with sean.kissing sean.smell of my scentsy warmers.snuggling under blankets.fireplace.lit-up christmas tree.first snowfall of the year.cabins.family&friends.trooper.listening to music.warm tea.pictures.good books.fleece leggings.uggs.soup.beautiful sunrise/sunset.bath.hot cocoa.good cup of coffee.clothes just out of the dryer.space heater.handwritten letters.cards.hugs.sweaters.pajamas.bottle of wine.warm sun.fall leaves.going home.fuzzy socks.hot tubs.comfort food.warm dessert.candles.sean saying “i love you”.quality time with sean.sweet messages from sean.scarves.massages.nail polish.crafts.vacations.inspiring quotes.giving.chocolate.smiling.laughing.cooking.exercising.

Week #3 List The Things You Should Be Proud Of

goals 2014.debt free.giving.promotion.education.living a healthier lifestyle.i am independent.proud to be an iowan.proud to be a hawkeye.proud to be irish.proud to be christian.family.friends.proud of my marriage.my husband.seeking opportunities.following dreams.being grateful.appreciating the small things.my persistance.

Here is the link to the website and challenge list, if any of you are interested in participating:



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