I Like Giving 2

Do you believe in signs? I feel like God was sending me one today. Like I mentioned in my previous post, one of my goals for 2014 is giving back. I discovered the I Like Giving movement and read the book. I visited the I Like Giving website to be inspired by others stories of generosity. In the book, Formsma encourages his readers to give freely and seek opportunities to be generous daily. He acknowledges that once you start giving freely, you will become more aware of opportunities to give generously that you may not have previously noticed. I think God presented me with a perfect opportunity today.

This morning it was a frigid -38 degrees with wind chill in Iowa. I had an appointment at the University of Iowa. While leaving the parking garage, the parking garage attendant was all bundled up to bare the cold weather. She struggled to make the change, as her fingers were so cold despite her attempts to keep them warm with her mittens. I accepted the change and began to drive off, feeling sorry for the parking garage attendant, as I believe it was just the beginning of her shift and she already appeared to be freezing. The thought wasn’t going to just leave my head. I thought, what can I do? This is when I remembered that I had the disposable, one-time use hand warmers in my center console of my car. I pulled back around, jumped out of my car, knocked on the glass of the window and handed her the hand warmers. I said, “I think these may be of use to you today”. She looked at me, grabbed the hand warmers, smiled, and said “thank you”. I am sure this girl was thinking, why does this lady randomly have hand warmers in her car? Who knows? However, I think this was God’s sign to me today that those opportunities to give generously really are everywhere. We just need to be willing and aware.


While visiting the I Like Giving website, I came across a link to submit for I Like Giving cards. http://ilikegiving.com/tell-others. The organization sends them to you, free of charge. I received mine in the mail today. Ironically, I received them right after coming home from my appointment at the University of Iowa. The cards are so cute and functional. When
you share your story on the I Like Giving website, there is a concept of
labeling your story “I Like ________”. The cards are labeled that way also. I labeled my story, I Like Hand Warmers. Fitting, huh? The cards will be perfect to attach to more hand warmers to hand out to others trying to bare this frigid cold weather. Along with the cards, I received a letter signed by the founder of the organization and author of the book I Like Giving, Brad Formsma. I am very impressed with this organization. Please visit the I Like Giving website, Facebook page, and consider following them on Twitter. See the links below:

Official website: http://ilikegiving.com/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ILikeGiving#!/ILikeGiving

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ilikegiving




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