Christmas necklace

While working my part-time job tonight, I was approached by a sweet old man. He asked me if I wore jewelry. I told him that I usually do. He asked whether I wore earrings, necklaces, or rings. I thought, “what an odd question?”, but I responded “a little of everything from time to time, just depending”. He smiled and said “hold on one second, I will be right back”. He proceeded back out to his van and returned with a bag full of necklaces, earrings, and rings. “Here”, he said, “pick something for Christmas”. It was all so beautiful. I rummage through the bag, smiling. What a kind gesture. This man must be well known in this small town that I was in. As I was looking through the jewelry people passed by, stopping to say “Hi, grandpa Curly”. After looking at all of the beautiful jewelry, I had made a selection. A beautiful, light blue, tear shaped necklace. He said it was sterling silver. I have no idea whether it really is. It doesn’t really matter. It is the thought that counts. This man’s kind gesture made my night. It made my holiday season. I have never met the man before, but it was clear that he gets such joy out of giving jewelry to people and bringing smiles to people’s faces. I get it.


He sat there and talked to me for quite a while about growing up in the area, living there for 53 years. While talking about this and that, he non-chalantly but quite frequently mentioned his wife (whom it seemed has probably passed). I can’t help but think he goes around handing out this jewelry in memory of her. He mentioned children also. I hope they are still around. I hate to think this sweet old man would be spending the holidays alone. I have a weakness for old people. I have a weakness for old men that tell stories about their life and talk about their wives. I have a weakness for old men who you can tell have loved and lost. Who loved their wives more than anything in the world. I hope Sean continues to love me and his fondness of our life together creates such a bond that it shows in the way this man’s love for his late wife did. How incredibly beautiful.

(My grandpa is one of those men. He loved my grandma in that capacity. That story is a long one and better saved for another day, another blog post).

Anyways, this blog may seem random… but the moral of this story is that this old man has touched my life with one simple gesture. His one simple, kind, thoughtful gesture has left a memory with me that will last a lifetime. He didn’t know me. I may never see him again, but he will forever have made a lasting impression on me, and my Christmas of 2013 will be marked the memory, and  gesture of him giving me that beautiful, light blue, tear shaped necklace and chatting with me for a little while. Thank you, grandpa Curly!


Never underestimate the power of a simple gesture, a kind word, a smile. You never know the affect you may have on someone’s life.



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