The Honest Life

One of the areas I mentioned that I more recently became passionate about is living a healthy lifestyle.  My sister, Charley, uses the diapers and wipes from The Honest Company, whom Jessica Alba is one of the founders. Since Charley swore by the diapers, I decided to start exploring and experimenting with some of the other products The Honest Company has to offer. The Honest Company has a vision to provide “safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, convenient, and affordable” household products to the homes of their customers. So far I have tried the Stain Remover and the Multi-surface Cleaner with which I have been overly impressed. The products are safe and reasonably priced considering so. I more recently started taking a multi-vitamin daily, but I decided to order the pre-natal vitamin (no, not for a particular reason. I have just heard the benefits of a pre-natal vitamin are great!) and the omega-3 fish oil supplement from The Honest Company. The reviews listed on the website were great! I have yet to begin taking them, as I need to cycle out of my multi-vitamin still, but I hope to get noticeable results and will keep you updated. My wish list from The Honest Company includes: Oxy Boost, Floor Cleaner, Fruit & Veggie Wash, Conditioning mist, and the Body Oil.  I am sure that wish list will continue to grow, but the above listed products are a few things I plan on ordering in the near future as needed. The company continues to develop and add new products to their website monthly. I have enrolled in a monthly bundle service, since I will be ordering the pre-natal vitamin and omega-3 fish oil supplement on an ongoing basis. I was slightly confused on how the program worked, so I called The Honest Company customer service number. The customer service representative was beyond helpful and very friendly. I am a very satisfied customer thus far.

One of the other items on my list was the book, The Honest Life written by Jessica Alba herself. Since Charley ordered it, I decided it wasn’t necessary and took the opportunity to read hers. After reading it, I have decided I will still purchase the book myself to continue to resort to in the future. The book was a very easy read, and Jessica outlines it in a way that is easy to navigate. Jessica discusses everything from food, to cleaning and beauty products, to style, and parenting. She calls her way of living Honest Living. Jessica offers so much great advice, and she has many tips and resources available to educate yourself on healthy living. She simplifies a topic that can be very complicated. Sometimes that makes the reader nervous because you wonder if the agenda of the writer is not honest and genuine, then the reader can be mislead; however, I got a sense of nothing but genuineness from Jessica Alba as a writer. I initially thought, “I wonder if she will just try to sell her company”, but she did not. In fact, she does mention her product but often also mentions alternatives. I promise you won’t be disappointed in reading this book.


Here is a link to The Honest Company website and the book:


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