Random Acts of Kindness

As I stated in my very first post, following blogs is a recent past time of mine. One of the blogs that I follow is the House of Rose blog @ http://houseofroseblog.com/. As a blogger, she covers home décor, fashion, DIY and motherhood. In one of her posts, Mandy, made a calling for “ambassadors” for the House of Rose. Our role has not yet been clearly defined, but essentially we are a bunch of gals wanting to make a difference in the world in one capacity or another. We have our own private Facebook page in which we can share ideas amongst each other with different ways to make a positive impact in the world.

With the holidays coming up, I wanted to use the House of Rose ambassador page as a forum to “pay it forward”. I suggested that as House of Rose Ambassadors that we coordinate a Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) movement for the holidays. I thought since it is about two months out from Christmas that now would be the time to start generating ideas, etc. It isn’t anything too formal, but have been bouncing ideas off each other and inspiring each other to make a difference during the holidays through Random Acts of Kindness!

Now is my challenge to all of you. Want to join the Random Acts of Kindness movement for the holiday season? Are you going to join the challenge? What are some of YOUR ideas? Please share! I can’t wait to hear about how all of you are making a difference in the world 🙂

Here is the message that I printed and handed out to spread the RAK:

Random Acts of Kindness (RAK)

In place of exchanging gifts with our family this year, we have decided to spread holiday cheer in a different way by displaying Random Acts of Kindness. You’ve been RAK’ed! We hope you decide to “pay it forward” and continue to spread joy into others lives!

Happy Holidays!!!!

Here is a list that I have come up with and used last year:

1)            Taping candy canes to ATM machines around town

2)            Tape quarters to meters around town

3)            Salvation Army bells

4)            Randomly pay overdue utility bills

5)            Taped change to vending machines

6)            Buy someone’s groceries (or give gift card to person behind you to use towards groceries)

7)            Buy someone’s meal/drink

8)            Give cart to someone at Aldi’s

9)            Gift for mail carrier

10)          Fill someone’s gas tank

11)          Leave money at the carwash

12)          Leave a generous tip

13)          Shovel neighbor’s driveway (FREE)

14)          Leave quarters at Laundromat

15)          Pump someone’s gas

16)          Send a care package to a Troop

17)          Take cookies to police department/fire station/EMT station

18)          Leave dollar bills attached to Toys at Dollar Tree

19)          Take a set of holiday books to a local women’s/kid’s shelter

20)          Give hand warmers to Salvation Army bell workers

21)          Pay for Santa pictures for someone at mall

22)          Leave small Christmas treats/gifts in shopping carts for folks to find

23)          Offer to babysit for free (FREE)

24)          Pay for person behind you in drive thru

25)          Tape quarters to kids gum/toy machine

26)          Leave inspirational quotes in random places (FREE)

27)          Buy someone popcorn at movie theater


Here is a link to my Pinterest board of ideas for Random Acts of Kindness.





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