PINK for the Cure – Breast Cancer Awareness

For the past several years, my best friend’s mother, Sherry, has been living one of her passion’s through breast cancer awareness during the month of October. Sherry is a breast cancer survivor herself and has family members that have battled with the cancer also.


She has inspired an entire town, among hundreds and hundreds of others to spread awareness of breast cancer by coordinating efforts throughout the month of October in our hometown of DeWitt. A few years ago, it started as awareness through a “wear pink for the cure” day at the local hospital. I believe it was mostly employees at that time. Nonetheless, it was pretty incredible to see people raising awareness of breast cancer and the importance of prevention and early detection.


(Pictures: Over the summer, Sherry coordinated a car being entered in the Clinton County Fair Demolition Derby to raise awarness. People were able to sign the car in memory of loved ones and survivors of breast cancer).


Since that first year, Sherry has expanded her efforts and the results have been phenomenal. Last year, the entire town of DeWitt was painted in PINK! The Quad Cities news station KWQC did a segment on Sherry’s efforts of breast cancer awareness in the town. Local businesses in DeWitt were invited to participate in a contest and be creative in their efforts to raise awareness.


My sister, Charley, actually won the contest with her students at St. Joseph’s Catholic School in DeWitt by forming a pink breast cancer awareness “human ribbon” (see picture). There were so many businesses that participated that the entire town of DeWitt was covered in PINK. It was very moving to see the efforts of such a dedicated woman being put in affect.


(Local businesses in DeWitt participating in the contest to raise awareness for breast cancer).

I am comfortable in saying that anyone that knows Sherry feels honored and privileged to be touched by her efforts and passion for raising awareness for breast cancer. She has been such an inspiration to so many people, and you can feel her passion through her kind messages and thoughtful words. Thanks for being such as inspiration, Sherry! We all love you!


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