Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

As part of being passionate in life, many of us will take on special causes. Since it is the month of October, which happens to be Breast Cancer Awareness month, I would like to highlight a special cause. My co-worker, Autumn, is fundraising for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer that will take place in Chicago in May 2014. She will be walking 40 miles in two days to raise money to support breast cancer research to find a cure and aid in prevention. Autumn is walking in honor of a dear friend of hers that has battled breast cancer. Talk about living with passion and supporting a cause!

Autumn also runs her an online business selling crocheted items for children, as well as adults. As part of her fundraising efforts she will be taking custom orders until Christmas and all of the proceeds will go towards the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. If you are interested in having an items custom made for the holidays, let me know and I can put you in contact with her! She has made some fantastic custom items for me, and I highly recommend her services to anyone :). I have attached a picture of a chevron blanket she made for me to give as a gift to give you an idea of the great quality that she produces in her product.

If you would like to help Autumn in her fundraising efforts to participate in the walk and support a great cause, please visit her website:


Here is a little more information about the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer:





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