Inspire a Shared Vision

I am currently participating in a Leadership Academy through work. As part of the academy, we are assigned to read the book The Leadership Challenge. The book outlines five practices of exemplary leadership, which includes inspiring a shared vision. One of the concepts underlying inspiring a shared vision is to feel your passion. How fitting is that for the theme of my blog?!?! In order to inspire a shared vision a tool that can be used is visual aids. As part of growing and inspiring a shared vision, it is important to identify your values. I thought a good way of doing that would be to make an inspiration board. Ironically, as a I was looking for words that express my values in magazines to complete my inspiration board, I came across a sheet already inscribed with the words “live your passion”. I was inspired and knew that I would be using that sheet as the backdrop to my inspiration board. How perfect?!?! Check out my inspiration board in the picture and enjoy!! AND…remember to LIVE LIFE WITH PASSION!!

Inspiration Board


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