Another life passion of mine at this point is crafting. While I do not claim to be the most “crafty” person on the planet, it is definitely something that I enjoy. I blame it on Pinterest!! There are just so many fun and cute ideas, darn it!! Pin after pin after pin after pin of cute ideas, I tell you! Anywho… I do attempt such projects. Usually with the assistance of my hand-dandy co-worker aka work wife, Autumn. Some projects turn out better than others. Most of my projects, I try to do at low cost. What can I say? I am frugal. Remember my previous post on budgeting. This has made me more conscious of spending too! Over time I will post some of my favorite past projects, and as I make new ones in the future, I will post them. I am sure some will be more impressive to you than others. Stay tuned! 🙂


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