Living a healthy lifestyle

In my first post I mentioned what a few of my life’s passions are. I figured I would follow up by going into depth a little more on each of those passions. I will start with living a healthy lifestyle. The term healthy lifestyle is actually quite dynamic, as it can mean so many things to so many different people depending on their goals. Therefore, I will give you some insight to my journey of living a healthy lifestyle. First of all, I do not claim to be the most healthy person on the planet by any means. Some days I am more strict than others, but overall, I just strive to find balance. Initially, I started eating more consciously by following the Weight Watchers plan in January/February of 2011, as Sean and I were engaged, and I wanted to lose some weight for the wedding. Along with following the Weight Watchers plan, I was working out at our local rec center doing some classes and using cardio machines mostly with some light weight and body exercises. While following Weight Watchers and exercising, I lost about 30 lbs. In May of 2011, after the wedding, I stumbled upon a new gym in our town, which incorporates a circuit training system consisting of body weight exercises, cardio, and light resistance bands, along with some other boot camp style exercises. I was immediately addicted. Each day there was a new routine, the atmosphere was great with members constantly encouraging and motivating one another, and I was getting great results. I had lost 30 lbs initially from dieting and eating healthy, but as I started this new workout system, I was able to tone my muscles and reduce pants sizes without losing more lbs. I had never felt so great physically, and as a result of the physical confidence, I was feeling great mentally also. Not to mention, working out was the greatest stress relief for me. I felt on top of the world! I was high on life! Unfortunately, I have been dealing with issues in my hip and glute area for some time now, which has taken a toll on my health (I will save those details for another blog post at a later time) and has not allowed for me to work out for quite some time now. I still try to eat healthy and keep a balance towards living a healthy lifestyle in that regard. I will continue to post about my journey of trying to live a healthy lifestyle by posting about continuing to find answers to my pain, as well as posting healthy recipes I’ve tried, and eventually (hopefully sooner than later) posting about my workouts and such again. Stayed tuned 🙂


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