Live with Passion

Reading blogs has been a favorite pass time for me as of the last year. There are so many blogs that have interesting perspectives in my areas of interest, which often include blogs about living a healthy lifestyle, budgeting, crafting, and more specifically the wine world. After reading so many blogs over the past year, I have decided that starting my own blog may be a good outlet.

Some people make a living off of blogging; however, at this point I just plan on using it as an outlet for certain things I am passionate about and to discuss topics of interest to me. For now, I am sure the people that follow may just be friends, co-workers, acquaintances, etc. It may grow but that is not my ultimate goal for now. Some blogs are very specific and of narrow interest, but since I am using this as an outlet for now (as more of a public journal) the interest isn’t necessarily “specific” or “narrow”.

This brings me to the title of my blog, which is “Live with Passion”. Like I said, I didn’t narrow the categories of my blog because I want to talk about and blog about things that I am passionate about. I am passionate about several things from living a healthy lifestyle to living debt free/budgeting to crafting (something I enjoy but do not claim to be “crafty”) to my recent ventures in the wine world. With that being said, my posts may vary from post to post.

One day I may post about a new healthy recipe that I have tried with my health nut co-worker (aka my work wife). The next day my post may be about mine and my husband’s journey to living debt free. On another day, I may be posting a successful or failed crafting project (again, I do not claim to be crafty, but I like crafting, if that makes sense?!?!). Finally, one category that I would like to concentrate on is my new found passion for wine.

While this blog may be eclectic and not of narrow interest or topic, I hope it provides a good outlet for me to share and express my life passions with people. Remember…LIVE WITH PASSION! ❤


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